9 Signs You Are Being Selfish in Your Marriage

9 Signs You Are Being Selfish in Your Marriage

When two people join in holy matrimony, they look forward to a relationship that is harmonious, characterized by selfless love and loads of fun and excitement. But somewhere down the line, something goes wrong and things may turn sour. This is when you have to do something to save the relationship if you haven’t done anything before. It may happen that you are, in fact, responsible for the state of the relationship. To verify that, check out this list of signs you are being selfish in your marriage

1. You take your partner for granted

Your partner goes through the same kind of days, problems, laziness and stress as much as you do. But when you consider your problems more important than that of your partner’s and expect him to take over every time is when you take him for granted.

2. You are always on the receiving end

There are two parties to every relationship. To give and to receive are important for both of them. However, if you only want to receive and if giving is not in your agenda, you are being extremely selfish. Such a relationship faces maximum chances of breakup.

3. You want things your way

All of us want things your way but when you share a relationship with someone, the other person’s requirements, likes and needs must also be accounted for. When you want every little thing common between the two of you to be done or said in a way that pleases you, you are paving way for a disastrous relationship.

4. You focus only on your priorities

When you think only what you need and do in life is more meaningful than what your partner thinks or does, you are being undeniably selfish. Every individual’s needs, desires and priorities are equally important.

5. You are being a hypocrite

If you think something is okay when you do it but not when your partner does it, you should know for sure it is a very selfish perception.

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