8 Signs You are a Capricorn

8 Signs You are a Capricorn

If you share any of the characteristics or the traits below; it probably means that you are a Capricorn. Capricorn is an earthy sign and true to the sign you are also earthy and matter of fact.

1. You are practical and ambitious

Since you are earthy, you know very well about the realities of life and that makes you a very practical person. You are not too emotional and your plans are always well thought of, taking into consideration all the factors that would affect it. You are also highly ambitious, but you are also in a way sure of yourself.

2. You are very cautious

Even though you are very ambitious, you also take a lot of caution before you embark on anything. A quite conflicting trait you have is that you can also be shy at times and lack self-confidence. This conflicting trait will make it difficult for people to judge you.

3. You are not impulsive when it comes to relationships

You would really like to get down to the basics and know a lot more about the person before you get close to them. It could either be because you are suspicious or because you just like caution. You also play it a lot cooler with someone you have just met. There are no endearments from you after a few meetings.

4. You are a perfectionist with a twist

You would love to do a job right the first time and you do not care if you really do not complete it at the given time. The work is more important to you than sticking to the time. You are also highly resourceful and frugal at the same time. The one thing that you absolutely hate to do is to waste time.

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