7 Signs to Know That He is Not Into You for Sure

7 Signs to Know That He is Not Into You for Sure

The foundation of a relationship may be trust and loyalty, but one thing that you certainly cannot do without is commitment. When two individuals enter into a romantic relationship, there ought to be love, no doubt, but unless both are equally committed to each other, the relationship cannot bear fruit. Such commitment does not just happen – it is built over a period of time during which both parties have spent abundant time with each other, have cared for one another and have stood by each other in times of need. But sometimes you can know that one of the two individuals is actually not interested in carrying the relationship forward. Call it intuition or gut feeling, but sometimes you can just tell that your boyfriend is no longer interested in you. There are tell tale signs which you should hence look out for in order to be absolutely sure. Listed here are 7 signs to know that he is not into you for sure.

1. He is mostly unavailable

He is not available most of the time and always has excuses so as not to be able to hang out or spend time with you. If he does this often and cancels plans last minute repeatedly, you should get cautious. It is a sure sign that he is losing interest in the relationship.

2. He hardly replies to your messages or calls you back

Not only is he unavailable, he also takes too much time to reply to your messages. He seldom calls you back and replies to your messages after ages. This is because he may not be considering you an important aspect of his life any longer. So before it is too late, you should know that he is slowly but surely withdrawing.

3. He does not introduce you to his family and friends

He never brings up the topic of introducing you to his parents, family members and friends. If you hardly know anybody close to him – friend or family – then it may not be just an incidental occurrence. He could be deliberately avoiding bringing you face to face with his close ones and this is because he may be having doubts or second thoughts about the prospect of your alliance.

4. He avoids intimacy

If he is not interested in you any more, he will always try to avoid getting intimate with you. Unless, of course, he is absolutely depraved in character, he will avoid having sex with you under any circumstances. Since he does not have any real feelings for you, he will not feel comfortable getting close to you, mentally or physically.

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