5 Signs You Are Falling Out of Love

5 Signs You Are Falling Out of Love

Everyone loves to be in a relationship. It gives us a sense of security and being loved. It is no good to just be in a relationship and not have fun or be happy about it. There are many people who pursue a relationship only because they feel they are indebted to the person or maybe just care too much about hurting the other person’s feelings. You aren’t doing any good by being in such a relationship. On the contrary, you’re kind of cheating the person. But how do you know, it’s a dead end relationship? Here are a few conventional signs that you are falling out of love.

1. Whining

You constantly whine about your problems with the person or with what he/she does. This may seem like just a phase and sometimes it is, but it’s not something you overlook. Think about it, are you really unhappy about it or is it just a momentary thing. Question yourself to know the truth of your feelings.

2. Change

Do you feel that your better half has to change? Or does he/she expect you to change? If your answer is yes to either of them, then it’s time you both move on. You fell in love for what you were, not for what you can become.

3. Justification

Is this something that has become a routine thing in your life? To justify yourself, your actions or someone else’s actions regarding you? Well, again, its time you guys looked elsewhere for love. No two mates need to justify themselves if they totally understand and love each other.

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