5 Signs He will Ask You Out

5 Signs He will Ask You Out

Is there a guy in your class or office who likes you? Are you wondering whether he will ask you out on a date or not? Here are a few tell tale signs that he will ask you out very soon.

1. He keeps asking you about specific likes and dislikes

A guy will want to know a girl’s likes and dislikes before he takes her out on a date. If the guy who likes you is trying to find out your choices and preferences in one way or the other, chances are that he is planning to take you out on a date. Look for subtle ways in which he tries to find out what you like. He will try to do this as discreetly as possible because he will not want to give away his plans of asking you out.

2. He talks to you differently than others

The tone of voice that a guy uses when he talks to you is a sign which will help you to decode whether he likes you or not. Notice him when he talks to other people and compare it to the way he talks to you. If you think that he talks to you more nicely than the way he talks to other girls, it is a sign that he likes you. He may soon ask you out on a date too.

3. He finds reasons to hold your hand or hug you

When a guy finds reasons to hold a girl’s hand, it means that he is attracted to her. If the guy who has a crush on you, gives you a random hug for no reason or tries to hold your hand under a lame pretext, it could be a sign that he will ask you out on a date soon. This may also be his way to figure out whether you will accept going on a date with him or not.

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