5 Signs He Thinks You Are The One for Him

5 Signs He Thinks You Are the One for Him

Any relationship bears fruit when both parties involved are equally interested and involved in it. It turns out to be successful only when each partner feels equally for the other and reciprocates feelings and emotions with the same intensity as the other. This is called chemistry between two people which when clicks, a successful relationship ensues. If you are in love with the guy you are dating, you must also know for sure that he too is equally in love with you. You should know that he too feels the same way about you and chances of him going astray are negligible. In order to ensure this, there are certain signs that you should look out for. Listed here are 5 signs that show that he thinks you are the one for him.

1. He spends more time with you

If your boyfriend spends more time with you these days, then he could most certainly be into you for good. Also note if he plans his vacations and holidays to spend with you rather than his other guy friends or family members. If he spends and plans to spend more and more time with you on a daily basis, he definitely considers you to be the one for him.

2. He is serious about finances

All of a sudden he has become serious about finances. If he has been nonchalant, if not careless, about money in the past and has recently become serious about it suddenly, then it could be a sign that he is looking forward to a future where he is with someone – and that someone could be you. If you see him being serious about savings and investment options, he is strategizing ways to be able to support you in the near future.

3. He talks about “kids”

If he talks about “kids” a lot these days whenever he is with you, he could be seriously considering you as a life partner. Also, note if he uses the phrase “our kids” absent-mindedly whenever talking about the topic. If so, then he is looking at a future with you as a family complete with kids. This is a sure sign he thinks you are the one for him.

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