10 Signs He is Into You

10 Signs He is Into You

Figuring out whether somebody is interested in you is about as difficult as designing credit default swaps. Wait, who are we kidding? It’s way more complex than that! There are a number of perceptible n imperceptible signals that one needs to watch out for. Out of the galaxy of all such signs we have gathered together a few we think may help. Check out some of these signs that tell he is into you.

1. You catch him looking at you quite often

Of course we are not talking about you being right in his line of sight or having a one on one conversation. This is when you may be talking to someone else or minding your own business when you suddenly look up to see him looking straight at you. If this happens more than a couple of times, then you can be reasonably sure he has a thing for you.

2. He is extremely helpful

Now now, don’t jump the gun with this one and start harboring ideas about your colleague who sometimes drops you home. It is important to differentiate between chivalry and excessive helpfulness. Yes, we are talking about the guy who follows you around like a faithful puppy ready to lay himself like a doormat you can walk all over. He is the guy who stayed late to help you with your project; it’s high time you noticed him.

3. He compliments you ever so often

He notices your new shoes (ain’t that heavenly?). He compliments your new look, heck he may even compliment your bag. He may also express admiration for your work. All in all he obviously seems to think that you’re pretty awesome simply by existing!

4. He agrees with your opinions

If a guy emphatically supports and agrees with your points of views in social circles, that may mean that he may be trying to get into your good books. Again, its not a one off nod of approval that counts, its only when this behavior becomes a ‘thing’ ; where all the friends start to comment that no matter what he always backs you, is the point where you can be almost certain that he has the hots for you!

5. He does the silliest things for you

Love makes all of us a little crazy. Nagged by the common belief that women dig alpha males, a guy could start donning a leather jacket and grab himself a mean machine so as to look more attractive to you. At the other end of the spectrum could be the guy who becomes puppy dog and accompanies you to shopping trips which he clearly hates. This is a definite indication of his massive interest in you. The only trick is understanding if such odd ball behavior is indeed for your benefit and not somebody else’s!

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