6 Signs Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose

6 Signs Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose

When your boyfriend is ready to propose, you will start noticing a slight change in his behavior and body language in advance. Here are a few signs you should look out for in your boyfriend to get an indication that he is probably going to propose.

1. He is constantly tense and nervous

If your boyfriend is going to propose to you soon, he is likely to be nervous and tense. This is because he will be constantly thinking about how he should propose and what is the perfect time to do so. The proposal is likely to be the only thing going on in his mind because of which his body language can come across as terse.

2. He has become quieter

Has your boyfriend suddenly become very quiet? Does he seem lost in his thoughts all the time? These are typical signs of a proposal which might be coming your way. Proposing to a girl is a big thing for a guy and it is likely to weigh him down before a few days that he intends to propose. So if you find that your boyfriend has suddenly gone quiet, he may be strategizing his proposal.

3. He wants to know what is on your mind

If your boyfriend is planning to propose, he is likely to be wondering about your current state of mind. He would like to know if it is the right time to propose or not. If he asks too many questions about you to know what you are thinking, take it as a sign that he may be planning to propose to you.

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