8 Side Effects of Botox

8 Side Effects of Botox

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of people opting for botox procedures. However, there have also been several reports about the harmful effects of such procedures. You may suffer from cosmetic side effects and face medical risks if you get the procedure done from an inexperienced injector or if you insist on getting a particular look, despite the complications. We give you some of the side effects of the notorious botox.

1. Frozen head

Your face would remain immobile and stiff due to this possible and common side effect. You may end up looking like a robot. This could be a result of inaccurate botox dosage. Such a side effect could really prove detrimental to your physical as well as emotional well-being.

2. Arched eyebrows

Many a times you may end up having one or both eyebrows arched unnaturally high. Due to this awkward elevation of the eyebrow/s you may end up having a surprised look on your face all the time. Also, you may have some unusual wrinkles over your lateral brow. All these side effects occur when the injection is not administered properly.

3. Drooping eyelids

This is another complication which is very common. You may end up having droopy eyebrows which would make your eyelids feel heavy. Although this is a temporary side effect and can be taken care of, it can still leave you feeling scared and shocked.

4. Heavy forehead

If you are given an over-dosage of botox on your forehead (especially the frontalis muscle), then you may end up feeling that your forehead has become heavy. Your forehead will droop along with your eyebrows.

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