Should You Go Vegetarian To Lose Weight?

Should You Go Vegetarian To Lose Weight?

“I can’t figure out what to do Hannah”, said a confused Bella. “Should I become vegetarian or not? I know I will have to sacrifice a lot of my favorite red meats, but I want to lose weight at the same time. Look at how much I’ve put on!”, Bella added. “That’s a tricky question Bella”, Hannah responded. “I think a certified nutritionist would be the most appropriate person to answer this question. But I have heard some things from a few of my friends who’ve turned veggie in the past few months to lose weight”, Hannah informed.

“A friend of mine, Sally, found out that many vegetarian foods are full of complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber and naturally low in fat and calories. For instance, whole grains, potatoes taken occasionally and legumes”, said Hannah. “Maybe that’s why it’s easier to lose weight with vegetarianism”, she reflected.

“I don’t know, it also depends on what foods you eat within vegetarianism, right? If you claim to be vegetarian and you’re still chomping on fries, chips, burgers and the likes, then turning vegetarian is not going to help right?”, Bella said. “Of course not Bella. But the thing about vegetarian food is that there are many choices of food preparation that will help you lose weight. You can boil, grill, steam or saut√© vegetables and top them up with delicious sauces, herbs and spices”, Hannah defended. The point that Hannah was trying to make was that going vegetarian to lose weight did not mean a compromise on the taste buds. “And you can always pop in that chicken breast once in a while when you feel like it, right?

“Hey, do you know one more advantage of going vegetarian?”, asked Hannah. “Apart from being highly nutritious, vegetables have plenty of Vitamin C and A, cancer preventive elements, lesser saturated and complex fats and tons of fiber that will automatically help you to keep a healthy heart and your weight in control”, she added. “Hannah, I can clearly see that you’re after converting me into a vegetarian”, Bella said, laughing.

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