5 Sexy Ways to Tease Him

5 Sexy Ways to Tease Him

Men like it when the woman takes the initiative when it comes to all things related to sex. There is nothing wrong in being bold and taking the lead. You have the power to bring him to his knees and long for you. We give you some of the sexy ways in which you can tease your man.

1. Surprise him

What works wonder when trying to tease a man is the surprise factor. Try your tricks when he least expects you to. When you are in a gathering or when his friends have come over. You could also do some magic while you are in a crowded lift with him. Just catch him off guard and he will be all yours.

2. Be sexy on a dinner date

This is a classic recipe for teasing him. While you are on a dinner date, gently caress up his leg and go as high as you can. Make sure you are holding hands and giving him “come and get me” look. He will not be able to contain himself and would probably skip dessert to get you into bed as soon as possible.

3. Try the text

A text can be used for more than just sharing boring information. A text can truly make him crave for you. You could try sending him a naughty text when he is about to leave his office. Your words will drive him crazy and he will be waiting to love you as soon as he reaches home. To spice things up, you could add a picture to the text and make him go wild.

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