Seven Tips To Lie Without Getting Caught

Seven Tips To Lie Without Getting Caught

Get real, none of us are saints here. We all find refuge in lies, when we find ourselves caught in tricky situations. When it comes to what to lie about, there can be a plethora of ideas. But when it comes to how to lie without getting caught, there are only a couple of ways. Lying is not a bad thing, unless you are caught of course. Till nobody catches you, lying will only do good to you. I’ll show you how you can use lying as an advantage by not getting caught. But one thing is for sure. Don’t make lying a habit. Also don’t lie when it is a serious situation, where the truth should be known. These are ideas to try in normal daily situations with friends.

1. Make up a convincing story

Don’t make up a story that sounds super-fake. Put yourself in the opposite person’s place to see if you would believe that lie. If you wouldn’t, there is a big possibility that the opposite person also won’t. You can take advice from your friends, about what story you can possibly make up.

2. See that your story is simple

Also when you are chalking out a convincing story, as far as possible try to keep it simple. Avoid a lie that can lead to other lies. A complicated lie will only increase the possibility of you getting trapped.

3. Make alternate plans

When you are producing a story in front of someone, it is natural for them to interrogate you. They may specially do this, if they don’t really believe you. Being tongue-tied at this point, is probably the worst mistakes you could make. In order to avoid this kind of situation, make alternate plans as to what you’ll say in different situations.

4. Believe

This is the most important step of lying. Unless you yourself believe the lie you are telling, you will not be able to sound convincing enough to others. You, yourself believe what you want others to believe. Then it will become easier for you to convince the opposite person.

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