7 Reasons Why Girls Love Robert Pattinson

7 Reasons Why Girls Love Robert Pattinson

Who thought that there would come a time when we girls would find ourselves in love with monsters? Yes, my dear friends, they are monsters. How else would you describe a man-eating blood sucker who has lived for over a thousand years yet hitting on a 17-year old? Why on earth would girls fall in love with him? After all, isn’t he is an evil stone-cold vampire? Robert Pattinson, mostly known for his role as Edward Cullen, has been one of the most desired men of this century. There hardly must have been any girl out there who never felt her heart skip a beat when her eyes fell on this Hollywood hunk. Let’s find out why.

1. Good Looks

The criteria for good looks can never be ignored. No matter how much girls deny it, good looks are something that no girl out there can ever resist. Let’s take for example the scene where Robert Pattinson makes his grand entrance in the cafeteria in the movie ‘Twilight’. Jaw dropping, yea? His unconventional good looks and dynamic personality made boring movies like Harry Potter worth watching over and over again. When all the girls were so sick of Harry and his geeky gang, whom did they turn to? Rob to the rescue!

2. Charisma

Especially in an industry as vast and competitive as Hollywood, you will find hundreds of these good looking hunks out there. Here is where a person’s charm and charisma comes into the picture. It is this very charisma that makes a person stand out among hundreds, even thousands. Robert is one such person. Be it the way he makes his entry at the red carpets, the way he transforms his hair into weird shapes, the way he smiles or the way he signs autographs; he is the kind of a guy who you would turn to give a second look. Now how many guys out there can do that?

3. Talent and Intelligence

Girls dig in for young talented and intelligent boys out there. Apart from being an amazing actor, Robert is a great singer, musician as well as a talented songwriter. What can be a better catch than a multi-talented guy? Now you may think, he’s the kind of guy who must have never touched books. Here’s where you’re wrong. Rob just loves reading. In fact, most of the movies, he has acted in, are inspired from books.

4. ‘Proud to be myself’ Attitude

Who wants to be stuck with some kind of a weird wannabe? Ah, a man who is man enough to be himself is such a refreshing change! Rob loves being himself. Although his role as Edward Cullen was admired so much by girls, he had the guts to portray his real self in front of the camera, instead of being stuck into the popular character. Perfection is boring. Robert is a guy who wouldn’t try too hard to be perfect. He smokes, he drinks, has his own set of flaws and is not ashamed to admit it.

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