10 Secrets To Discovering Your Dream And Living It

10 Secrets To Discovering Your Dream And Living It

There are a few people, who know right since childhood what they want to do their entire life or what is it that they want to become when they grow up. They know exactly what excites them. Then there are those who figure it out while growing up, as they study and know more about their interests. But then there is also another category of people – who have graduated somehow, but still don’t know what to do with their life. They don’t know what their passion is, or what their true calling in life is. In other words, they still haven’t discovered their dream yet.

A note for such people – it’s not going to happen literally (the dream bit), you know! Not like some fairy godmother is going to come in your dreams and tell you exactly what you should be doing in your life. You’ll have to get up and figure it out yourself. And here are a few secrets on how you can actually do it.

1. List top 5 things that make you happy

Is it swimming or is it painting? Do you like listening to music or watching movies? What are the top 5 things that make you really happy? Make a list. It is also a good exercise for introspection, so you finally get to know yourself better.

2. How many things are you actually trained in?

All your life you’ve studied to be able to get good scores and make your parents happy. But how many skills have you really got? How many activities out of the ones that make you really happy are you actually trained in? You like cooking and you cook great food, everyone knows that. But do you have a certification to prove that? That might either narrow down your list, or will keep it just the same. But the exercise is important anyway for you to know what you’re actually trained in.

3. How much do you know about making your interests a profession?

Do some research. If there are 5 things on your list, find out about all 5 and learn more about the kind of money they offer and the kind of challenges one faces when they make these hobbies or interests their profession. Meet people who are already pursuing your preferred interests as a profession, and know more about their life.

4. Are you a money person?

While you’ve been thinking all this while about chasing your dream, you can’t deny the fact that some people want to earn a lot of money too. Are you a money person? Do you want your interest to pay you millions when you pursue it as a profession, or you’re okay with decent money for survival as long as you are happy doing what you do? This will again help you to narrow down to a few options, as you’ve done your research and now you know which of your interests pay well and which one’s don’t.

5. Choose carefully

After doing good amount of research, it is vital for you to take the big step and finally choose what you want to do. You have to narrow down to one thing that excites you and you either have training in it, or can get it soon. It should also be something that will pay you the kind of money you are looking at, and is something that will genuinely keep you interested for the rest of your life.

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