8 Rules for Remaining Friends with Your Ex Boyfriend

Rules for Remaining Friends with Your Ex Boyfriend

This may seem really difficult right now, just when you’ve broken up with your boyfriend. But, it’s certainly not impossible though. Here are a few rules that you must keep in mind if you decide to remain friends with your ex boyfriend.

1. Be practical

Though you may care a lot about your ex-boyfriend, don’t demonstrate over concern for his well being. Remember he is not your boyfriend anymore. So, getting too emotionally involved with a friend is not so much of friendship. This will just be awkward for both of you.

2. Let time take its course

Switching back to friendship mode just after a breakup with him doesn’t show your strength. Instead, in doing so, you might just hurt yourself even more. Don’t be in touch for at least for some time. Let time heal your wounds, both of yours. Give yourself time to get over him.

3. Don’t try to find out about his new girlfriend

This is the golden rule for remaining friends with your ex boyfriend. If he’s found a new love, it’s none of your business, irrespective of whether you find this new chick apt for him or not. Only if you can keep your hurt and jealousy aside can you continue to be a good friend to your ex.

4. Forget about past differences

This is often the hardest for all. There may be unresolved issues between you and your ex. But, you have to let go of those past grudges, if you want to have a peaceful friendship. Underline it in your mind, ‘You Are No Longer A Couple’! Don’t make sarcastic references to past instances and pick a fight with him now. Make peace with what’s already done and start your friendship anew.

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