4 Reasons You Should Share Your Fantasies With Your Husband

Reasons You Should Share Your Fantasies With Your Husband

Sex between married couples is different from the physical relation they would have shared when they were seeing each other. There is no sense of urgency and it is usually less passionate as there is a sense of entitlement. Also is the fact that they have this idea that the other person is always going to be around and the time and love is normally taken for granted. It also becomes a routine sometimes and couples do it twice a week or thrice a month. The spontaneity is just lacking owing to a lot of reasons. Of the many reasons why the sex becomes a little dull after marriage is that the wives sometimes stop telling their husbands how much they want them anymore and stop sharing their fantasies, if any with the husbands. If you are one such wife, you should not do it and here are a few reasons as to why you should share your fantasies with your husband.

1. It breaks down any barriers you may have between the two of you

Sometimes you may not tell your husband what your fantasies are because you may feel shy or you may think that he would not take it in a good way. You may even hide it for fear of being thought as a naughty wife. But when you say it, you will not only get rid of the assumptions you may have about your husband but you will also break your own fear and shyness. This could only be a good thing for you as a couple. If he says no, you at least know what to expect in the future.

2. He will think off you less as a prude and more as a siren

Sharing your fantasies with your husband will show you in a different light with him. He may have thought of you as a prude if you weren’t making any suggestions in bed or otherwise. When you share it with him, however silly or experimental they may be, he would start looking at you in a completely different light and a little bit of excitement now and then will go a long way in cementing your relationship and make your life that much more exciting.

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