5 Reasons You Should not Sleep With Your Pet Dog or Cat

Reasons You Should not Sleep With Your Pet Dog or Cat

You would think that it would be really rude to even think of pushing your pet away if you have the habit of allowing it to sleep with you on your bed. It would be rude, actually, but it would also come at a cost – and are you willing to pay it? Letting your dog or cat sleep in the same room or even the same bed in some cases would be a gesture to make it feel safe, loved and protected, while also making it feel as a part of the family. All that is true, but when you sleep with your pet dog or cat, you compromise your own health which would be more at risk than your pet’s. So before continuing the practice which might seem inhuman to bring an end to, have a look at the risks you would be putting yourself into. Listed below are the top 5 reasons you should not sleep with your pet dog or cat.

1. Promotes aggression

Most animals like dogs have the pack mentality because inherently they are pack animals. When you let them sleep with you, they eventually begin to consider you and your family members as pack members. And since while sleeping they appear taller (especially bigger dogs), they form the illusion that they are in charge. This illusion could lead to aggressive behavior, which is totally uncalled for. They may not harm you or your family members physically but would definitely develop the tendency to attack and injure any outsider or visitor.

2. Disrupts your sleep cycle

The sleep cycle of your pet dog or cat is very different from yours. Their disruptive sleep patterns could hamper your own sleep and could lead to stress due to lack of sleep. You could develop crankiness, have headaches, dark circles, and become unproductive at work. Besides other health problems, your immune system is also likely to get affected due to lack of orderly sleep.

3. Exposes you to allergens

Your pets carry allergens which could get transferred to you while you sleep together. There are numerous allergens and bacteria which your pet picks up from outside and could then bring them all to the bed you share. Your pet may stay unharmed because its immune system is different than yours but you are undoubtedly exposed to harmful allergens which could lead to unwanted health problems.

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