5 Reasons You Should not Physically Punish Your Kids

Reasons You Should not Physically Punish Your Kids

It is very important to discipline children, but to punish them physically can have a long lasting impact on their growth. It can be very annoying when your kids start to throw a fit every now and then and all you can think of is spanking them hard. This is an easy option but not the right one. Children need different kinds of treatment while growing up. You cannot treat a five year old and a teenager with the same rules. Here is why you should avoid the high handed discipline for your kids.

1. It will teach them that stronger is always right

This is not what you want your children to learn. When you resort to physical punishment, the child learns that if you are strong, you can choose between right and wrong. This can leave a long lasting, scarring impact as they grow up.

2. It will teach them that violence can be the solution

If you hit your children for their misdoing, they start to believe that violence can set the wrong to right. This is not correct and this is not what we want our children to learn. Violence is never a solution to a problem.

3. It can hamper their self-esteem

When parents punish children by hitting them, it sometimes makes the children think that there is something wrong with them. This will scar their self-esteem. If you want your child to succeed in life, the level of his or her self-esteem should never be pulled down.

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