5 Reasons You Should not Dump Your Boyfriend

Reasons You Should not Dump Your Boyfriend

There are a lot of reasons one should have a boyfriend. Other than companionship, love, sex and other things, they also make life quite interesting. But having a boyfriend and sustaining a relationship isn’t all that easy. It takes commitment, dedication, patience and a lot of hard work both from you and from him. There will be days when you feel tired of the whole thing and feel that the relationship isn’t worth anything. In such situations it would be too easy to just give up on your boyfriend and move on. This is something you should avoid. Unless your boyfriend is physically and emotionally abusive, there is no reason you should leave your boyfriend. Even if you do, you really need to think hard about it. Here are some reasons you should not dump your boyfriend.

1. For men, it is more of an ego thing than heartache to be dumped and any chances of reconciliation would be very slim

When a guy is dumped, more than heartache, he would feel like it has been a loss of face and his ego will be more shattered than his heart. If you had done the dumping in anger and want to get back, reconciliation would be pretty hard. He would make you beg and crawl and probably want to dump you soon.

2. It could be a decision made out of anger

Dumping him could be a decision you made when you were angry. You tend to say things; mean, hurtful, spiteful things that can hurt a lot. If you dump him when you are blinded by rage, then it is the worst reason you can have for dumping him. Cool down before you dump him and think about your decision. You may laugh at it later.

3. It could turn out to be the worst decision you had ever made in your life

Dumping him could very well turn out to be the worst decision you have made in life. There will always be an empty space left behind by him that you would find very hard to fill.

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