5 Reasons You Might have Already have Broken Your New Year resolution

Reasons You Might have Already have Broken Your New Year resolution

Quit smoking, goodbye to alcohol, start saving, learn something new; well this never ending list of New Year resolutions is a yearly practice. Not just making but breaking resolutions is also equally popular. Studies have proved that only 8% of us who make New Year resolutions are actually successful in achieving them. Why? Here are some reasons you might have already have broken your New Year resolution.

1. You may have set long-term goals

Often what happens is that we write our goals or make elaborate plans and then forget about them. This is one primary reason to break a resolution. In order to achieve them, it is best to break them down into daily or weekly goals. Evaluate your goals and progress, every week. This will help you stay focused and also enable you to adjust your goals as per the current circumstances in your life and help you achieve them.

2. You may have had the same unsuccessful approach

There are several approaches to do a thing. For instance, if you have decided to quit smoking, stopping it from the second day might appear to be impossible. Don’t worry; you can bring it down slowly. But, if you think quitting slowly is not meant for you, eventually you might end up breaking your resolution and start the habit again. No matter how many times you might have failed in the past, keep everything behind you and start afresh, and this time, try a different approach. Sometimes just a change in the method works wonders.

3. You may have had too many goals

Sometimes, in the thrill of taking resolutions, you take more than one resolution. Eventually, you find it difficult to fulfill any of those. Or maybe the inability to stick to one resolution might disappoint you and you may break the others too. Rank your goals in their order of importance and tackle them one by one. As you become successful in one, it gives you the encouragement to go ahead with the rest too. When you focus on one goal at a time, you do not feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You advance one-step at a time and there are more chances of success.

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