Reasons Why You Should Feel Proud to Be a Mother

4. You’re a Multitasker

You are like a Doctor, a Teacher, a Playmate, a Counselor and a lot more to your kids. You multitask to get their clothes, food, homework, play time, health and everything else sorted. This is a skill that develops only when you become mothers and have the responsibility of kids on you, and nobody else has this kind of energy and enthusiasm to do so much for someone else in life. It’s only mothers who do this tirelessly for unrecorded number of hours everyday, and for their whole life.

5. You know what’s best

You’ve given birth to your kids, and have seen them grow up very closely. Only you know what their mood swings and tantrums are like, and only you know how to cheer them up on a gloomy day. No TV, no nanny, no friend can be there for them as much as you can, and in the ways you can. You know what’s best for their life in general, and that’s perhaps the reason why kids always turn to their mothers for advice in the most important of matters.

It’s quite common for people to ask new mothers on why they chose to have kids. It’s also easy for people to say that they don’t want to have children because it’s a lot of work. But the truth is, once you have kids, it all feels worth it. And all mothers would vouch for it! One should feel proud to be a Mother because you bring happiness and joy to your kids, in ways that nobody else can.

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