7 Reasons Why You should Date a Photographer

Reasons Why You should Date a Photographer

When you’re in love with someone, the profession of that person really doesn’t matter that much. However, there is no denying the fact that some professions are damn cool, and have a really good impact on the people pursuing them, as well as the ones dating them. That’s quite the case with photographers. Here are some reasons why you should totally date a photographer.

1. They’re active

Because of carrying heavy loads (cameras and lenses and tripods and lights and all those other related things!), they’re physically strong. Moreover, they have a great stamina for being able to stand during long hours of shooting or otherwise. They aren’t the lazy kinds and are usually up for anything that’s interesting and fun. This makes things a lot easier when you’re dating such a person, because he’ll always say yes to your plans for hanging out together without giving the excuse of tiredness.

2. They’re creative

They think from an angle that hasn’t been looked into before, and that kind of thinking helps in a lot of areas in life. Whether it is day-to-day home repairs or renovations or planning special dates, they always have creative ideas on how to make things better and interesting. This keeps the boredom out of your relationship.

3. They’re social

They like to talk to people and befriend them quickly, sometimes in order to get perfect candid shots, and most other times to just get to know them better. It’s something that they build as a skill while pursuing their passion of photography. In this process, they make a lot of friends, ranging from clients who trust them blindly to strangers who are intrigued by their working style. A picture can speak a thousand words and most people love to hear a few words from the one who takes those splendid pictures. That’s why photographers have a lot of friends, and the ones dating them will always find their friend circle getting bigger.

4. They’re adventurous

They can climb mountain peaks, go in narrow spaces or deserted lanes in order to be able to get the perfect shot. That makes them do just about anything adventurous in life. They will never suggest ordinary things, and will always have new places on their bucket list to travel to. Needless to say, such a person can add a lot of spice to your routine life.

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