6 Reasons Why You may be Failing in Relationships

Reasons Why You may be Failing in Relationships

Man is a social animal and he or she forms relationships throughout their lives. The relationship can be personal or professional, it could be platonic or a deep committed relationship. Some bonds are for life and however strained they may be, you cannot get rid of those. The ones that you actively seek out and develop over time are the ones you need to put a lot of work into to keep it in place and to keep it going. Be it with friends or loved ones, you need to constantly work on a relationship for it to thrive. But with everything else we tend to overlook the importance of nurturing a relationship and end up failing miserably. Some more than the others happen to be serial losers when it comes to relationships. It could be that they are bored and are constantly seeking excitement or that they just end up doing the wrong things most of the time. Here are some reasons as to why you may be failing in relationships.

1. Because you are Self centered

Any relationship will be headed towards a breakup if you are self centered. When you are in a relationship, the other person’s emotions and well being are also your concern and become related to you by default. When you are self-centered however, you fail to think about the other person and end up pushing them away. Learn to give and be free with your emotions if you want to relationship to flourish and if you do not want to end up a serial loser in relationships.

2. Jealousy can be a relationship breaker

Jealousy creeps in when you are insecure about yourself and about the status of your relationship. It also happens when you see the other person as your possession rather than someone to share your life with and sometime to spend good times with. Jealousy can be a bad deal breaker and should never creep in to your relationships.

3. Selfish reasons

There are the selfish reasons that people use to break of a relationship. Reasons like boredom, taking time off to find oneself, rediscover oneself are some of the reasons people give each other to break off a relationship. As much as it is important to be at peace with oneself, it also is important to think about the other person who has spent a lot of time, love and energy to be with you all this time.

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