4 Reasons Why You are More Attractive than You Think You Are

3. Difference between attractiveness and attraction

While the two overlap, they do not mean the same thing. Know that being attractive may not always lead to attraction. You may often think, “I am not that good looking, then why is he interested in me?” Just because YOU do not think you are attractive does not mean that someone cannot be attracted to you.

4. You can’t please everyone

What might make you attractive for one person, may not be the same when it comes to someone else. Some men might find you attractive for being independent, while others might think you are a snob. So, how do you decide on what makes you attractive? Know that you cannot please everyone and be universally attractive. Just because the society is mistaken or is confused about the definition of attractive, does not mean that you have to follow suit. The next time you feel low about someone else’s disapproval of your behavior or looks, just remember that there are thousand others who would fall for that quality.

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