5 Reasons Why Women are Becoming Anorexic

Reasons Why Women are Becoming Anorexic

Anorexia nervosa is a lifestyle disease that affects more women than men. This disease is characterized by an immoderate intake of food, irregular food habits and the impulse to get out the food out of the body as soon as possible by forcibly vomiting. Although in medical terms, having anorexia nervosa means a lack of appetite, the truth is that patients suffering from anorexia do not suffer from lack of appetite. However, they force themselves to eat less and less for fear of putting on weight and looking big. In most cases, it is a psychological problem more than a physical condition as even a bony skinny body can seem to be fat for them. An anorexic can be easily identified if you are living in close quarters or spending a lot of time with them as they would either avoid food, or disappear into the bathroom soon after eating. They will also look like starvation victims and keep forever worrying about their weight and appearance. There are some specific reasons why women are more prone to anorexia than men and here are a few of them.

1. They are under constant pressure to look slim

The ideal women who grace the covers of magazines and walk the runways these days are stick thin models. The cover page models also get their figures thanks to Photoshop tricks. In wanting to emulate their looks and trying to look like them, normal women just starve. Starving or vomiting out all the food eaten will only lead to lethargy and other serious illnesses. Some women also collapse of sudden heart attacks because of the lack of essential minerals in their bodies.

2. They wish to get the thigh gap

The thigh gap or the gap between the thighs when you stand up straight is a recent trend that forces women to stay thin. Not everyone can have a thigh gap and it is not the weight but the bone structure of a woman that dictates the thigh gap. Many girls and even adult women become anorexic by starving themselves to get the thigh gap.

3. They are influenced by other women

No one wants to be the big woman in a group of thin and small women. This kind of peer pressure puts a lot of pressure on women into losing weight and in the process they just end up becoming anorexic. It is not only true in the case of teenage girls but grown women too succumb to the pressures of fitting in and looking good.

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