5 Reasons Why Valentines Day is not a Big Fraud

Reasons Why Valentines Day is not a Big Fraud

At the outset Valentine’s Day might seem as a big fraud, with advertising companies marketing the day very vociferously and a lot of pressure added on us to buy gifts like flowers, chocolates and more. It is also widely called as a commercial holiday than as a day that is celebrated as a day of love. With a lot of companies dictating us about what love is and what it should feel ad look like, you would wonder if it actually is not a big fraud. But if you put all that aside and just think of the day as a day you put aside for your love, then it would not seem like a big fraud and here are some reasons as to why it is not such a big fraud.

1. St. Valentine did live and spread the message of love and kindness

St. Valentine as was not a made up figure. He did live and spread the message of love and kindness as long as he lived. He is the patron saint of love and this day has long celebrated as a day of love.

2. If it was a fraud or a myth people wouldn’t been celebrating it for so many years

Valentine’s Day celebrations have been around for quite a while now. It may not have been celebrated earlier as it is being today, but it has been celebrated in various ways by people around the world. No fraud can be believed and followed for such a long time by so many people for so many years.

3. Stripped down of all the commercial things, it is all about love

If you would just scratch the surface and look at the day and the feelings that are associated with it, it is a noble feeling and a day dedicated to the ones that you love. There is no harm in expressing your love to the people you love and honestly, you do need a day to express your love, for as much as we say that we have the whole year to do it, we never really tell the people we love that we love them.

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