5 Reasons Why People Hate Low Rise Pants

Reasons Why People Hate Low Rise Pants

Also known as the low rise jeans, low rise pants are often worn so low that it displays a strip of underwear and sometimes even the buttocks! Many people think it is not at all fashionable for people to show their inner wear and that too as part of the style statement. In the 80’s, low rise jeans were a sign of homosexuality. The prisoners would often pull down their pants to the butt level so that they can show their availability for sex. Here are some reasons why people hate low rise pants.

1. Butt cleavage is not so cool

In any kind of fashion, anywhere in the world, butt cleavage has seldom been in vogue. Low rise jeans or pants are sometimes so deliriously low that they actually display cracks every once in a while. Most people frown at this, so it is better to refrain from showing places that are best hidden!

2. It is difficult to bend or sit

Low-riding pants can be part of fashion, but the real difficulty comes when you try to bend or sit. It becomes slightly awkward as you run the risk of scandalizing the room. Imagine when you drop something down or need to sit on a chair without a closed back-if you can keep dignity at bay, low rise pants are for you, or else you must learn the art of perfect squatting. Agree or disagree, this becomes one reason to hate low-rise pants.

3. It hits the self-esteem hard

It can be extremely punishing when you are trying to fit into your chic pair of pants and you have to struggle, a lot. This is when it attacks your self-esteem and makes you look at yourself as you are fat and need to go on a hunger strike, only to fit inside that pair of jeans! One more reason to hate the low rise outfit!

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