7 Reasons Why Paper Books will Never Die

7 Reasons Why Paper Books will Never Die

Reading is such a great habit and a hobby. Reading not only gives you more knowledge, but also transports you to another world for as long as you are reading. You can read anything to be entertained-magazines, paperbacks, books and novels. You can also read things in many forms these days. You can read your novel in Kindle or in your laptop or computer in the e-format. Many people think that the popularity of paper books will come down and will even soon disappear with the onslaught of technology. Not only paper books are still available, they are also still bought and sold. Here are the reasons why paper books will never die.

1. You can sleep on them

Many of us read to sleep. When you a reading from Kindle, an iPad or a computer, chances are that you have to switch it off and go to sleep. This is easily disturbing for your sleep. Even if you are not switching it off, you will have to put it away safely. On the other hand, with a paper book, you don’t have to switch it off or put it away safely. They are quite ok even if you roll over or sleep on the.

2. You can read a paper book in the bath

Ever imagined taking a Kindle or a laptop to your bath? It is difficult and you have to be extra careful even when you try. With paper books though, you can take them to the bath and also relax and read no matter how long you spend inside the bath.

3. You do not have to switch it off in the airplane

With a paper book, the ease of use is just without competition. All you have to do is open It and close. You won’t be asked to stow it in the overhead compartment or switch it off when the flight is taking off and touching down.

4. Nothing beats a physical library

You can boast online about the number of online books you have, but nothing can beat having a bookshelf filled with books or having a library at home. The sanctuary that a book lined room gives you cannot be beaten by anything else.

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