5 Reasons Why Friendship is the Most Important Relationship

5 Reasons Why Friendship is the Most Important Relationship

Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest, it is about who came, and never left your side. Friendship is important because a true friend accepts you the way you are. There is no judgment, no expectation, no condition; it is just pure friendship that you share with your friend. Why is friendship the most important relationship? Want to know more, read on.

1. A true test

All relationships go through ups and downs, so does friendship. You cannot be sure with other relationships. In testing times, your friend would be there to support you. Your friend would give you a shoulder to cry on or wipe your tears. Even if you fight with your friend, she would always be there for you. Friendship is unconditional in life, so it cannot be compared with other relationships.

2. Brings out your best

If you ask an honest review about yourself, some people will lie and some will give a diplomatic answer. Same question asked to a friend will get you an honest reply. Your friend would give a frank review to bring out the best in you. A true friend will never lie to you, because she would want you to do go ahead in life. That is the spirit of true friendship ‘pure and rare’.

3. There is an understanding

A good friend will understand your feelings and support you throughout. This cannot be true even with your life partner. There are compatibility issues in a love relationship, but friendship is unbiased. Your friend would support you throughout in the times of difficulties. She will motivate you to do things which you like. This would create a positive aura in your life, which will help you to do things in a much better way. If you trust your friend, she would always understand and help you.

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