8 Reasons Why Flickr is Better than Instagram

8 Reasons Why Flickr is Better than Instagram

Flickr and Instagram both have displayed excellent technology in the paradigm of picture sharing, editing, uploading and storing memories. However, the former is always preferred than the latter. Here are 8 reasons why Flickr is better than Instagram.

1. You can easily find your pictures on Flickr

In case of Instagram, you can see the picture in the same order as you have uploaded them but finding a specific picture from a really long time back can be a task. In Flickr, there are different ways in which you can visit your old memories.

2. You can change the privacy settings for individual photos

You can enable privacy settings for individual photos. They do not become public by default. There are some images which are far too personal to be shared with anyone. Hence, you can restrict them to your near and dear ones.

3. You can easily communicate with people

There is an entire activity section that allows you to view comments on your pictures and share chats. You can email pictures directly using Flickr. You can also add emoticons to personalize your comments.

4. You can copyright your pictures

Initially this feature was not available on Flickr. But now it is. Nobody can select and use your images for commercial or for other purposes without your permission as you can copyright them.

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