5 Reasons Why Financial Issues Should be Avoided in a Relationship

5 Reasons Why Financial Issues Should be Avoided in a Relationship m

Money holds a very significant position in our lives. And sometimes, the lack of it can spoil even the best of relationships, be it personal or professional ones. Sometimes, men feel that women are using them only for their money, while higher-earning wives may feel that their husbands are being dependent on them gradually. Needless to say, money can make things ugly between two people, so it is best to avoid financial issues in a relationship as much as possible. Here are some reasons why.

1. It hurts the ego

Whether you are earning more and your partner is dependent on you, or it is vice versa, money can affect a person’s ego really bad. Whoever is the one earning more might feel that all his/her hard work is going to waste, when instead he/she can upgrade his/her own personal life in so many ways. In other words, an unnecessary power play might just come in.

2. It brings in jealousy

If one of the partners is debt-free, the other is bound to feel jealous. This can affect relationship dynamics a lot, and partners might question each other on spending habits, income and a lot more. This gets even worse when the partner has loans from before he started dating, which could include student loans, car loans, etc. In such a case, you being debt-free might make you feel that the other person’s loans and debts are not really your responsibility, and hence, there is no reason for you to compromise on your wishes.

3. It creates doubt

When your partner is not financially stable, or has a lot of debts to clear, then somewhere you start feeling that he is not capable of taking care of you in the long run. Thus, it creates a doubt in your head whether you’ve chosen the right person or not to spend your life with. This may make the foundations of your relationship very shaky.

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