5 Reasons Why Divorce Rate is Increasing in the United States

5 Reasons Why Divorce Rate is Increasing in the United States

A fast-paced life and lack of patience and willingness in mending and repairing a relationship are just few of the many reasons for the sky rocketing divorce rates in the United States. Here are 5 reasons why divorce rates are increasing in the United States.

1. Getting a divorce is easier

The implementation of the no-fault divorce law across 50 states has made it easier for couples to walk out of their failed marriage. Earlier, couples found it difficult to file for a divorce unless solid grounds were established for the same which included physical abuse, adultery, confinement and so on. However, now difference in views is grounds enough to walk out of a marriage; neither among the couple has to be at fault.

2. Being in a live-in relationship seems more convenient

People who tend to be in several relationships or have lived together with different people, prefer living together over confining themselves in a marital bond. A live-in relationship does not come with as many responsibilities and it is easier for couples to walk out. Couples in premarital cohabitation with multiple partners may not take their marriage seriously.

3. People no more believe in the sanctity of marriage

If you believe in a religion, you will also have regard for the sanctity of marriage. Marriage as a social institution occupies an important place in religion. Couples who believe in religion strive harder to make their marriage work as opposed to those who question the institution of marriage in its relation to religion.

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