13 Reasons Why Diamonds are a Lady’s Best Friend

 Reasons Why Diamonds are a Lady's Best Friend

Everyone remembers a stunning Marilyn Monroe crooning “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” deliciously in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Well, there is so much truth in what the song had to say then and now with absolutely no changes. Diamonds are undoubtedly a lady’s best friend. Read on to know why.

1. Diamonds are known for their rarity and anything that is not so common definitely carries more worth than most. So why wouldn’t a lady love something that’s precious?

2. Diamonds are bright, brilliant and sparkling. They capture attention from long and sustain in your memory for even longer.

3. Diamonds are usually set in unique pieces of jewelry. So, it’s tough to find similar pieces of diamond jewelry as much as you’d do with gold or other precious metals.

4. Diamonds can shine bright even in the dark because they can reflect even the tiniest glints. Can it get any more exquisite and demanding?

5. Diamonds are undoubtedly expensive. So when a woman is gifted these precious stones, it becomes implied that she means a lot to that special someone.

6. Diamonds can stand the test of time. They are the most durable of precious stones. They can be passed along generations without losing their sheen, sparkle or cut.

7. Something about the cut and sparkle of a diamond epitomizes the demure feminine appeal of a lady. Somehow the two are meant to be.

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