5 Reasons Why Agatha Christie’s Books are Still Wonderful to Read

Reasons Why Agatha Christie's Books are Still Wonderful to Read

It was the year 1976 when Agatha Christie sadly passed away. However, she left behind a great collection of her books that people cherish even till date. Readers all over the world have loved all her works, and critics and academicians always praise her. Some loyal fans have read and re-read her books almost a hundred times, and still find them interesting. Here are a few reasons why her books still make a great impact and are wonderful to read.

1. They had the perfect element of mystery

This woman really knew how to give the right build up for mystery and suspense, and had really interesting plots that would make shivers go down the spines of the readers. The pace at which she brought in twists in her tales was great, and the twists and turns themselves were incredible.

2. They boasted a great writing style

Her writing was seamless and easy to understand. This meant that a larger set of people could enjoy her books. Moreover, the writing was so edgy and smart that people couldn’t help but keep on turning pages for hours. It was almost impossible to keep the book down once you had started reading it.

3. They included great characters

Most of her characters were real people, whom one could relate to. A lot of critics have said that the reason why Agatha Christie could manage to bring such characters in her books was because she was a great observer of life and people. She could catch little nuances of people or little attributes of situations in life, and then penned them down beautifully. She weaved a great sense of realism in her stories.

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