7 Reasons Why a One Night Stand is a Good Idea

7 Reasons Why a One Night Stand is a Good Idea

Sometimes a casual, meaningless fling before you settle in the monotonous grind can be fun and fulfilling. You may not want to make this a habit but a one night stand just for fun can send your spirits soaring high. Here are 7 reasons why a one night stand is a good idea.

1. You don’t have to worry about making an impression

When you are in a relationship with someone, or you have just begun dating, you have the pressure of performing. You don’t want to be dumped because you’re not good in bed. However, in a one night stand, you can perform without any stress.

2. It’s an easy way to lose your extra pounds

Sometimes you want to lose those extra pounds, although that may not be your motivation to opt for a one night stand. This could be an additional benefit. It’s also much more fun than working out in the gym.

3. You can experiment with your new moves

You want to show the new stranger all your hot, wild and steamy moves. You can wear your dream lingerie and feel good about yourself at the end.

4. You can actually have an orgasm from someone else

You need not watch porn, read erotica magazines or novels to enjoy passive sexual activity. Instead, have a one night stand and have someone else give you an orgasm. It’s a way to vent your heightened sexual desire.

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