6 Reasons We are Obsessed with British Royals

Reasons We are Obsessed with British Royals

We are not obsessed with the British royals by choice. The amount of information and trivia we are subjected to on a daily basis through media of all sorts ultimately end up making us more than knowledgeable about them. We know so much than we need to that it seems we are inherently obsessive about the British royals. In fact, to some people, the royal family is always an object of fascination. But the truth lies in the constant media bombardment of information about the British royals that, at some point, make us subconsciously inquisitive about what is going on there. All in all, the obsession lies in our mind rather than in our intellect as nobody needs to know about the British royals for important administrative decisions or any such thing! Listed below are 6 reasons we are obsessed with British Royals:

1. Fairy tale archetypes

Right from our cartoon films to the bedtime stories read to children and even in movies, the lives of kings and queens have been exemplified and glorified to an extent that somewhere deep within they become our heroes notwithstanding any rational reasoning or understanding. Such archetypes are created and recreated even in our popular culture and to this day, the image of “king” and “queen” remains the same. Add to that the constant news and information that comes in by courtesy of the 24/7 newsrooms of today—ultimately, we do become obsessed about the British royals, sometimes unknowingly and without deliberation.

2. Larger than life

The British royals, their regional counterparts and even the fictional archetypal representation of kings and queens—all portray a life which is grand and larger than life. The king has to take a decision upon which the future of the kingdom depends; if the queen does not marry him, there will be war—and all such kinds of plots are used in stories. Therefore, when we hear stories, news and even rumors about the British royals, we unwittingly make a connect with a lifestyle (with all its extravagant nuances and grandiose portrayals) which is so majestic and so fantastic, that just the thought of living concurrently with the British royals makes us feel gratifying.

3. Make belief aspiration fulfillment

Who does not want to live in a fairy tale? Even if we know how very irrational the whole idea is, we are subconsciously attracted to anything which even has the slightest likeliness to a fairy tale. Take the marriage of William and Kate, for instance. It reminds us of Cinderella and gives us an illusory feel of aspiration fulfillment, even if it happens to someone else. The idea of a common man meeting a princess or a common woman falling in love with a prince gives us an unexplained mirth nothing else can.

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