5 Reasons too Much of Feminism may not be Good

5 Reasons too Much of Feminism may not be Good

Feminism is one of the most misunderstood and the most misused isms of modern age. Irrespective of why and under what circumstances it started, it has now turned into something totally different and is also vilified for all the wrong reasons by people who really don’t understand what it means. It is only by people who do not understand the true meaning of feminism that it gets a bad rap. There are women and women who think feminism equals hating all men and that is so not true. Feminism is much deeper than that and we would be doing a great disservice to the feminists and other truly great men who believe in feminism if we just categorize them as man haters. Having said that, following a wrong brand of feminism and taking it to extremes can also be not too good and here are some reasons why.

1. You will be branded a man hater

It might be true that you have got nothing against men, but when you are a hard-core feminist and sand up for their causes and go a little overboard with it, you will be branded as a man hater. This is not something easy to live with having to explain or maintain a nonchalant attitude.

2. You can be called as a homosexual

There are some people who really do not understand feminism and will just call your sexual leanings into question when you are trying to espouse you feminist ideologies. In some places, this might get dangerous and it is one of the few instances when too much feminism may not be too good for you.

3. You cannot be equal all the time in all the places

Sometimes people and the world we live in force us to accept that men and women can never be equals and neither can be seen as two separate entities. Women will always be seen as inferiors to men and too much feminism in these spaces will only make you the outsider struggling to fit in. You cannot make everyone think like you and you will end up miserable in the end.

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