5 Reasons to Treat Your Next Interview Like a Date

5 Reasons to Treat Your Next Interview Like a Date

At some point of time in life, we all find ourselves walking into an interview room. A first interview can be compared to a first date in terms of the jitters that one experiences. However, facing a panel of interviewers can be made a little easier if we try to approach it in a slightly different manner and with a different mindset. Here are 5 reasons why you should treat your next interview as your first date.

1. You get to know a new person

The main objective on your first date is usually finding out more about the person. Once you have understood the person’s basic nature, his likes and dislikes, you carefully guide your conversations around it. Similarly, in an interview too you need to assess the nature of your interviewer. If you find that your interviewer is a cheerful man, try to get along with the tempo and loosen up a little. However, if your interviewer is a no-nonsense kind of a person, then unnecessary giggling would not be a smart thing to do.

2. You have to follow basic etiquette

Going on date and constantly being engrossed in your cell phone is downright offensive for the other person. While in an interview, always remember to switch off your cell phone and other gadgets. Give your full attention to what the interviewer is speaking. Never let your interviewer repeat a question. It immediately indicates lack of interest and fickle-mindedness.

3. You have to keep a tab on your language

Mouthing bad words about your ex on your first date definitely leaves a bad impression. Same applies to a job interview. Maintain a decorum while talking about your ex employers during the interview and if you absolutely must talk about your grievances, then put them across in a dignified manner.

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