8 Reasons to Take the Television Out of Your Bedroom

8 Reasons to Take the Television Out of Your Bedroom

Every room plays an important role in your house. The kitchen is meant for cooking, the dining room is for eating, and the bedroom is for you and your partner to have some relaxing time together and have some quality sleep. Putting a TV in your room can disrupt this balance and cause more problems than you can imagine. We give you some of the reasons why you should keep the idiot box out of your bedroom.

1. Relief from constant distraction

Having a TV in your bedroom can be a source of constant distraction. No matter what is happening around you, a part of your brain will always be hooked on to what is happening on TV. You will miss out on so many wonderful moments if you are continuously distracted by your television.

2. Better communication

When you switch on the TV in your bedroom, you are completely hooked on to it. You will not be able to give enough attention to what your spouse is saying. Also, if you are looking at the TV, you fail to notice the non-verbal gestures that form an important part of communication. This will eventually lead to misunderstandings between you and your husband.

3. A better sex life

Needless to say, the more time you spend watching TV, the less time you will have to enjoy a healthy sex life. You often will feel too drained or tired after watching long hours of television and this will strain your sexual relationship with your spouse. Your overall intimacy level with your partner takes a hit.

4. Stronger bond with your spouse

When you are alone in the bedroom with your spouse and there is no TV, you will suddenly realize that there are so many others things that you can enjoy together. You would feel the joy of simply putting your head on your spouse’s shoulder and sharing your day’s highlights. Giving undivided attention to each other will ultimately strengthen your bond.

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