6 Reasons to Say No to Botox

Reasons to Say No to Botox

When Botox was introduced for cosmetic purposes, it became a huge hit, as it did not involve going under the knife and was relatively pain free and a very quick procedure. It also gave an instant fix and was used by many a Hollywood celebrities. Although it was patronized by the wealthy when it was introduces, after a few years a lot of common people too started using it to erase laugh lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles on the face. Women all over the world sang praises of it only to realize after a while that it was a miracle cure to anti-ageing as they thought it was. With new treatments in the market to make women look younger, the popularity of Botox has come down. Even if you are not choosing the other treatments, there are reasons as to why you should not use Botox. Here are a few of them.

1. They make your skin look shiny and stretched

When you get Botox injected into your forehead to get rid of the frown lines and wrinkles, you end up getting a smooth forehead that also looks stretched and shiny. Not only that, it looks so artificial and immobile.

2. You look weird

A lot of Botox in your face can make it look weird. You will look more like mannequin than a human as you cannot move your mouth life your eyebrows and show emotions like a normal human being. You will just end up looking weird.

3. It is addictive

Injecting Botox can end up being addictive, as once you get a fix, it does not stay forever and you will want to keep continuing. Also if you inject Botox to one part of your face, the rest will look different and you will have to do those parts too. In the end it will just become a nonstop process that you just cannot stop.

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