4 Reasons to Run a Marathon or Even a Half Marathon

4 Reasons to Run a Marathon or Even a Half Marathon

26 miles and 385 yards, that’s how long a marathon is. A half marathon is 13 miles and not any less difficult. It is not up to everyone to run a marathon much less run long distances. Running a marathon isn’t about doing it on the day of the event. It is a whole process of training and conditions your body to complete a grueling schedule and a run. Not everyone runs a marathon to win or to compete. People have a lot of reasons to run a marathon or a half marathon. Some do it for a cause; some do it to discipline themselves and some to get fit. If you are thinking about running a marathon yourself, here are some reasons that could make the decision easier on you.

1. Motivation

It increases your motivation. If you are not motivated enough to do anything, you should probably try preparing yourself to run a marathon. It is not an easy job to run a marathon. You can’t also wake up on the day of the marathon and decide to run. You need to practice for months before you can do it. And to practice and put yourself through that grueling schedule, you really need to be motivated. Once you start practicing you will be motivated and this will spill over to other areas in your life too.

2. Health

Training for a marathon is the best form of exercise you will get. You need to start by eating healthy so you can sustain the tempo of the training. You will also involve yourself in not only running but other exercises to keep you fit. Overall training and running for a marathon will give you one of the healthiest periods of your life.

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