6 Reasons to Return the Wedding Ring After a Divorce

6 Reasons to Return the Wedding Ring After a Divorce

So you’ve decided that separation is the answer to your misery, and have filed a divorce against your husband. Once the divorce is approved, you know that you have to lead an individual life, and you will walk out of the house that you once shared with your husband. In such a situation, you are bound to leave behind things that will remind you of him or the marriage, and will stop you from moving on in your life. You’ll also try and get rid of gifts, love letters and a lot more. But sometimes, women still either hold on to their wedding rings and keep wearing them for sometime, or take them off and keep them in a box somewhere. Ever thought that you should return it to your ex-husband instead? There are several good reasons to take this step.

1. It officially breaks the bond

Till the time you and your husband were dating before marriage, things were still uncertain. They only became official when he put that ring on your finger, and that’s the day your relationship had a name in front of the whole world. However, now that you’ve got nothing to do with the man and the relationship, you must also return that object responsible for sealing the deal. Just like it made your bond’s beginning official to the world, returning it would make the bond’s end official as well.

2. You’ll feel better

When you don’t have the ring with you, it means that you don’t have chances of seeing it every now and then in your jewelry box. It also means that you won’t feel tempted every now and then to fiddle with it, which will only cause you to remember the miserable times. So basically, not having the ring with you means that you’ll have no trigger with you to recall bad times. You’ll feel lighter and better.

3. He might expect it back

Your ex-husband gave that ring to you with a certain sense of commitment. It was his way of making some promises to you. Now with a broken wedding, those promises obviously don’t seem to have any value, and for all you know, he might not find you worthy enough to wear that ring anymore. So give it back to him as a clear signal that just like he expects the ring back as a final statement of you not being worthy of wearing it, you don’t consider him worthy enough to be in your life anymore.

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