8 Reasons to Not Get Intimate With Your Boss

8 Reasons to Not Get Intimate With Your Boss

Getting intimate with your boss can have adverse effects on both your professional and personal life. When you don’t keep your personal and professional life black and white, the grey areas can create serious complications for you. Here are 8 reasons why you should not get intimate with your boss.

1. It is considered unethical

Getting intimate with your boss is considered unethical in many organizations. Some companies have very strict policies where a legal action can be initiated. In other workplaces, it is frowned upon.

2. If things get messy, you can get into trouble

If for some reason the relationship or fling comes to an end, leaving a bitter taste, you will not be able to look at him the same way, accept commands or fulfill your duty as an employee.

3. Your coworkers might look down upon you

Your coworkers will be under the impression that you’re someone who gets their work done by putting out. They might not treat you respectfully.

4. Your colleagues will alienate you

Most employees like to gang up and crib about their bosses. If you are sleeping with the boss, you cannot fit in with your coworkers. They might think that you will rat them out. Hence, you will face alienation.

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