5 Reasons to Forgive Your Ex on Valentine’s Day

Reasons to Forgive Your Ex on Valentine's Day

It is never easy to forgive someone who has hurt you in some manner, especially someone whom you loved and trusted. However, sometimes things do happen in life over which you have no control. Likewise, you too might have had a tough time with your ex, but remember, forgiving is healing. So, there is nothing wrong in forgiving someone and draining away the negative energy out of you. Check out 5 reasons to forgive your ex on Valentine’s Day and make a fresh beginning.

1. For your own sake

You must know that forgiveness is for your own benefit and peace of mind. It has got nothing to do with your ex. When you accept and decide to let go of the anger and resentment, you are doing a lot of good to your own mind. It helps to make peace with whatever happened and put the past behind for a fresh new start.

2. To reclaim your power

When you forgive, you can move from feeling helpless and victimized to getting back on your feet again and reclaiming the power over your life and well-being. It empowers you and you learn to heal and move ahead. You take responsibility for your own happiness.

3. To get rid of the negative feelings

Anger and resentment are toxic to you and people around you. No matter how right you are and how wrong he was, it does no one any good. Several studies have shown how negative feelings wreak havoc on the body and mind. The sooner you acknowledge them and take steps to get rid of them, the better.

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