5 Reasons to Eat Greek Yogurt

5 Reasons to Eat Greek Yogurt

Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat healthy or just opting for a light snack, a yogurt will be a great option. The best thing about Yogurt is that it can be eaten in any season and at any time of the day. It is also a snack that has a lot of nutrients and vitamins in it. You can either it in like that or add fruits and nuts to it to make it tastier. Yogurt is also a great add on to the morning cereal. Yogurt is natural, it comes in different flavors, it keeps you light and also energizes you. Although there is a whole lot of yogurt in the market and a lot of companies sell yogurt in the stores, there are always some that are better than the others. Greek Yogurt is one of them and here are the reasons to eat Greek Yogurt.

1. Good for your heart

A Greek yogurt becomes a healthy snack when you are worried about your heart as it contains very less unsaturated fat and pretty much no cholesterol. When you have the itch to snack and do not want to tax your heart as well Greek yogurt would be your best bet.

2. Good for your bones

Greek yogurt has a high concentration of calcium in that. There is more calcium in the same amount of Greek yogurt than in the same amount of milk. This high concentration of calcium not only strengthens your bones for now but also helps your bone for future uses.

3. Makes you feel fuller

Greek yogurt like tuna is one of the foods with a high satiety index- meaning even if you eat less of it, you will feel fuller and will not want to eat anything more after that. This helps a lot when you are trying to eat less and lose weight.

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