7 Reasons to Detox Your Body from Time to Time

Reasons to Detox Your Body from Time to Time

Detox is the new byword in the health and fitness industry. Although much used and abused, making one wonder if there is actually any truth about the procedure, it does make sense and also important that you detox your body from time to time. You can detox in a lot of ways. Drinking vegetable or fruit juices without adding sugar for a day or two, or eating raw food or just forgoing food for a day can be a way to detox. There are a lot of emotional and physical benefits of a good detox and here are some reasons you need to detox your body from time to time.

1. To Stay healthy

The first thing that a detox does to you is keep you healthy. A good detox balances your system, making sure your body gets what it should. Whatever excess food or bad food has done to you would be balanced by a good detox making you stay healthy.

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2. To give your digestive system a rest

Your digestive system is like a machine too and like any other machine; you need to give it a rest from time to time. Do not overwork your stomach making it difficult for it to do its job. Detox gives your stomach and your digestive system the much needed rest.

3. Lose weight

Detox is a great way to lose weight. When the number of calories that you take in goes down, so does the amount of fat that gets deposited and you are definitely going to have a balanced and healthy diet when you undergo a detox. Losing weight or shedding off those pesky few pounds is a great reason you should detox from time to time.

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4. Get rid of the accumulated toxins

With the genetically modified food and the carbonated drinks you put in your stomach, there is bound to be a deposit of toxins along with the fat. A good detox will help you wash down all the toxins from your body.

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