5 Reasons to Believe In God In Your Worst Times

5 Reasons to Believe In God In Your Worst Times

Even though all of us strive to be happy and content all through our lives, it is the one thing that is quite impossible to do. Being happy and content with life is relative and it is a fact that none of us can be happy at all times. There are bound to be problems that are going to make us unhappy and sad. What do most of us do when we are going through a difficult patch? Some of us try to get out of it, while some of us do not even put up a fight and get depressed. Instead of letting problems or bad times take over your life, you need to start believing in god to get you out o these things and here are some reasons as to why you should believe in god in your worst times.

1. You can never underestimate the power of faith

Atheists would argue that God does not exist and give you a scientific rationale to drive home their point. They would tell you that you cannot believe in a thing that you cannot say. But the truth is, believing in God is all about keeping the faith. Faith can give you the hope that things will change and you are not going to remain in this hole forever. Faith and belief in God also makes you believe that this too shall pass.

2. Belief in a higher power makes you realize that miracles do happen

When you are in your worst moment and think that life is not worth living, it is your belief in God that will carry you through your darkest hours. It is also this belief that would let you believe in miracles. Miracles do happen and when you believe in God you are sure to have a miracle happen in your life too.

3. God can be your personal friend and guide with whom you can confess everything

There are times in life when you think that you just cannot unburden to people. You just cannot tell them things and hope that they will understand. Or you might have done something despicable that is eating away your soul. Guilt can make you miserable and make you live through some of the worst days in your life. Belief in God helps you have someone to pour out your troubles to.

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