15 Reasons to Admire Your Father

15 Reasons to Admire Your Father

Over a century, Father’s Day has been celebrated across the world but at different times of the year. Nevertheless, it is yet another day to help you show your commitment and affection to a special person who has given you a lot more than he could afford in a lifetime. The day is one more reason to remind you of all the things he has done for you – the reasons you admire your father.

1. He has been the strongest even in times of adversity and given the rest of his family the strength to withstand and emerge successful.

2. He is the first hero in every child’s life. You wanted to do all that he does and grow up quickly to fill his shoes.

3. He is protective and would never allow anything or anyone to hurt his children.

4. He teaches you from the most basic to the most complex of things in life like learning to ride a bicycle to how to deal with challenges.

5. He is always there for you whenever you want him to support or assist you anytime in your life.

6. Despite the times when you have put up bad behavior and spoken against good intentions, your dad keeps his cool, loves you and cares for you.

7. He always uses the right language even when you use inappropriate words. He never lets temper overwhelm him and ruin a scene.

8. He sets an example by taking care of his family financially, physically and emotionally.

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