5 Reasons People Hate Carrie Bradshaw

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The main character of Sex And The City, Carrie Bradshaw has been at the receiving end of much criticism and negative attention. We give you some of the reasons why some people seem to hate her.

1. Her fashion sense

Though we do not know what exactly the fashion was when Sex And The City was rolling out, some of Carrie’s dresses fail to impress. She is a self-proclaimed fashion addict, but she often wears clothes that a 20-year old would wear. Since her age is pretty visible on her face and hands, such clothes do not really look good on her. She often ends up looking like a hippie or a call girl. You often find her wearing clothes that don’t really look good on her petite and thin frame or some things that are just plain bizarre.

2. Her money-management

In one of her episodes we come to know that Carrie has barely any savings. Needless to say, most of her money gets spent on shoes! Well, that’s not a very good example to set for those who view her show religiously. She is a writer and does not really make much money and even that does not motivate her to save some of it. There even comes a moment when she has to take Charlotte’s engagement ring to pay off her debts.

3. Her idea of love

She probably invited a lot of criticism after she broke Aiden’s heart (again) and even her ardent admirers could not come to terms with that. Her relationship with Big brings her nothing but pain and yet she continues to fall for him again and again. She even sleeps with him while he is engaged to Natasha. Most viewers do not really agree with her notion of love and can never forgive her for lying to and cheating on Aiden. This act was not well-received by most of the viewers.

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