4 Reasons Men and Women are as Different as Mars and Venus

Reasons Men and Women are as Different as Mars and Venus

Apart from the obvious anatomical and biological differences, men and women are different in a number of other ways as well. As far as society is concerned, these differences are quite well defined and both genders are expected to act in standard ways, any deviation to which is regarded as a malady. For instance, if a boy has feminine characteristics, speaks softly or does not like sports, some backward and parochial societies and people would outcast him and convince him over his growing years that something is wrong with him. Similarly, a tomboy girl will almost be forced to wear girly clothes and accessories and asked to ‘act’ more like a girl even against her wish. But, even if certain characteristics overlap in some cases, men and women are indeed different more at a psychological level. Biologically speaking, men and women have been designed by nature for unique purposes. Men were designed to be the protector and women were designed to be the provider. This is why their brains too are wired differently and they have been playing set roles since the early ages. This natural selection results in a number of instances which make men and women markedly different. Based on a study done by a leading psychologist, listed below are the 4 major reasons men and women are as different as Mars and Venus.

1. They approach problems differently

The first reason why men and women are different is because they are made to approach problems differently. While their goal is the same, the way they go about resolving an issue or solving a problem are very different. Women are capable of multitasking and therefore they are always aware of the broader view or the larger picture and will have a kind of a foresight men do not understand. The brains of women are so designed that they are able to focus on a number of problems at once and holistically approach them in a way that they are all solved together. Men, on the other hand, can focus on only one problem at a time. They see things in a sequential manner and cannot focus on multiple issues or problems together like women. This is why women can remember so many things which men easily forget. If, however, men make it a point to only remember certain things, they will do it but then will lose focus from elsewhere. Both will successfully solve problems eventually but while women will ensure subtleties are taken care of, which may be beneficial in the long term, men will focus more on what can be done immediately to minimize a problem for the time being.

2. Women have stronger memory

Women have the ability to recall precise dates and times of important and unimportant events in their lives and others’ lives as well. This, men cannot master because their brains are designed such. But women do this by being able to emotionally connect to the events or incidents. They feel their memories back, in one way. But men are not able to do this. They would also recall things but on the basis of the elements used, tasks done and so on. This is the reason why men remember dates of football matches while women remember the timing of their favorite television shows.

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